An Ocean of Blogs

I found my calling !

I am a blog follower or shall I say a blog stalker  ( half kidding half true ) !

It usually goes like this : I stumble ( yes that is the word , because I don’t go looking for them , they just put themselves in my way ) on an interesting blog and I read whatever post I came into . Then I read the About Page – to have a better feel for the person behind – and if I am “caught”  I then search for the very first post published as it is really interesting to see how blogs grow and how people find their voices through them.

If I am lucky to have the time to indulge , I will dive into it and go through one post after the other , as if I was reading a book of short stories. And I click the Follow button as soon as I resurface.

Sometimes I have to stop reading right after the About Page or worse I can’t even get to it – yeah you know , family and dogs and stuff getting in the way of my calling – but I am so interested and so afraid that I will lose or forget it that I follow right away . Forget about bookmarking , it simply does not work for me because I keep forgetting that it exists and what I put in there. This Turtle is a bit too often a little absent-minded .

So now that you know how I have been indulging in all these chocolates  😉  you are better able to understand why my hips no longer fit right there on the so-called sidebar. Which is really a pity because now I have to change the way I dress , meaning I can no longer display all my beloved new found bloggers , with their beautiful pictures and drawings for your perusing and enjoyment.

Measures have to be taken – pun intended – and from now on , unless I change my mind which happens quite frequently around here too , only the very last additions will be displayed.

Sooner rather than later – hopefully – lists will be published with all the blogs I follow and the reasons behind my appreciation for them .

With this I hope I can help you find some great “chocolates” (or whatever is your little secret)  to indulge in 🙂

Turtle Hugs

16 thoughts on “An Ocean of Blogs

  1. This is very sweet! No chocolate pun intended……..I mean to see how others find blogs, the people, then how you interact with their blog and so on. I stumbled on some too that i try to get back to. Then the party (valentines) blew up my email, and i m still sorting it through. Because I dont care how many follow, i just want some readers that interact, once in a while or more, as they can, we can learn together .

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    1. And why am I not following you yet ? See ? I keep losing people … no hours enough in a day to read 😦
      and learn … and work on my islands … and blog (don’t tell anyone but it’s 02:26 in the morning here)
      Turtle Hugs 🙂

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      1. well i tried to reply, where it went who knows, try again here, time what is time (secret safe but your blog world knows lol) I found someone i follow really follow fell off the Follow or i un~followed accidentally weird things happen. My emails are blown up with new people sorting it out 😀 all good

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  2. Dear Turtle, Thank you for visiting me today because it has led me to your blog and that was fun. You need to know that I have not been blogging for very long but some very kind people have followed me and helped me to learn how to do many of the things that now come easier for me. When I first started my blog, last May, I didn’t even know how to add media and I’ve just learned about links. I’m slower than a turtle. Maybe I should be called The Snail? Well, you have made a very good start and I think you are going to be very successful in the blogosphere . Your new friend, Clare

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    1. Yes I did , and then I was in – how do you say it …?…,hook and line – and spent a good portion of my night reading you . I went to sleep just a little before the time I was supposed to be getting up. Oh the perks of being “unemployed” 😉 It was a pleasure to follow you
      Turtle Hugs

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