Happy St.Martin’s Day everyone

roasted chestnuts
roasted chestnuts

Today we are celebrating St. Martin’s Day in Portugal , Spain and France.

Here we also call it Magusto because we have a tradition of eating roasted chestnuts and drinking água pé or jeropiga with them.

Truth be told we do eat the roasted chestnuts throughout Autumn and Winter .

You can find them being roasted on small carts that are  strategically placed near railway and underground stations and wherever there is a lot of people walking by.

The smell of the roasting chestnuts and the smoke that rises from these small carts is very enticing and difficult to resist. And in the end of the afternoon when you are returning home feeling cold and tired and hungry a small packet of hot just roasted chestnuts (12 for around 2.50euros – 2.60Us today) will feel delicious and give you a good burst of energy.

roasting chestnuts on the street
roasting chestnuts on the street


But on St.Martin’s Day roasted chestnuts are a must and preferably accompanied by these not-matured wines (jeropiga is sweet , água-pé tastes just like watered down wine).

And usually around St.Martin’s Day we have the St.Martin’s Summer which is very much like America’s Indian Summer. A few days  – we may usually count with 3 , this year we are into our 6th one already so tomorrow it will probably start getting a little bit hazier and colder – of blue skies and very warm temperatures with the sun shining brightly on us .

Today we are enjoying temperatures on the 70s (23C) , and it drops fast after the sun goes down around 5.30 Pm , lowering into the 50s (10C) at dawn. So the hot chestnuts – you have to be very careful not to burn your hands while you peel them , and your hands become very dirty doing so –  will still be very welcome later in the afternoon , with a small glass of jeropiga .

If you would like to know more why Indian Summer and St.Martin’s Summer in Europe happen at closely the same time I found an interesting explanation on Wikipedia .

I may write a bit more about chestnuts tomorrow (if I don’t have to sleep it off after eating and drinking too much today , that is).

NOTE 1 : all the above photos were taken from Google and their attributions are clickable. (if I did it right 😉  )

NOTE 2 : this baby blog reaches its 100th day of existence today . YAY !

Thank you for all the support , I would have already given up without you .

Lots of Turtle Hugs 🙂

16 thoughts on “Happy St.Martin’s Day everyone

  1. Mmm, thanks for the info! I’ve lived in Germany for two years, but haven’t understood much about how St. Martin’s Day is celebrated. I only knew it was considered the beginning of the “Karneval” season.

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      And thank you for following me , you just made me reach 100 followers on my 100th day 😀
      I still can’t believe it , but I am very happy , and actually a bit afraid of letting you all down , my dear Turtlies.
      A Big Turtle Hug for you Nena 🙂

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