If I told you my flaws

Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

And  then we are told that ” an about page is the single most important page you will have on your blog ” but that just scares the hell out of me.

The most important one ???  The one that “ helps rushed indecisive readers decide to stick around ” makes me just want to retrieve into my Turtle carapace , because I’m not sure I can pull that one off.

But why is this such a difficult job to tackle ? Is it because we don’t like to talk about ourselves ( it makes no sense as in our blogs we are almost always talking about ourselves, our views or our experiences ) ? Is it because we are not sure of how much of ourselves are we willing to expose on your first contact with us ?

Or is it because we are just starting out and although we have this desire to get out there and just blog , we still don’t know very well what we will be writing about or in which direction our blog will veer itself into ?

In my case it is all of the above mixed , stirred and shaken together plus this ” fear ”  of not doing it right , or of giving the wrong impression (that is the shy , introverted socially inept Turtle ).

And as a matter of fact there is already some attempt (or two, or three) of an About Page at about the Turtle  and about the TurtleWay but they do need an update and some more work  😉

And I wonder :

” If I told you my flaws …would you still love me the same ” ?

Just because I like this song and wanted to share it with you. As I usually do I just went around for days singing what I thought I was listening to , and not really paying much attention to the full lyrics . Surprise , surprise it was not what I had imagined , but still a very nice song , and flaws and love 🙂

Turtle Hugs

12 thoughts on “If I told you my flaws

    1. Oh My! Thank you so so much!
      You have made my day ! I was really in need of a pick me up today and your encouraging words just did it !
      You know , I’ve been enjoying reading you too and finding out about the real Greeks , not what media tries to make us believe .
      Turtle Hugs 🙂 ❤

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  1. There’s nothing like the anxiety produced in crafting an About page. I’ll admit right from the get-go: Mine is terrible. But it’s there to remind me of my purpose. Truth be told, I could probably articulate much better now what my intentions are with my blog, but I keep it as-is, flaws and all, because the kind of readers who would rush through a blog by just skimming an About page aren’t really my kind of readers anyway! 🙂

    And ultimately, my blog has one reader I’m really aiming for, and she can’t even read (yet)! So it goes!


  2. I feel your pain! I am having the same issue right now. I’ve been trying to revise my about page for days. What I have now I wrote the same day as my first published post. It needs to be updated, but I can’t seem to get it right… or at least what my crazy head thinks is right!

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