Doubts about sending our words out into the big wide world

Dear Turtlies,

Do you know the feeling you get when you send your child to school on their first day ? or summer camp ? or their first solo travel abroad ?

You know that you have chosen the best school or camp , you did prepare them for the different environment they are going into , you gave them a laundry list of do’s and don’ts and gave them the whys , you walked them through the routines , and you trust their capacity to make the best choices.

And yet you spend that first day worrying sick about what you forgot to tell them , or what could go wrong if… and if….

Am I the only crazy one to worry a bit like that upon hitting that Publish button down there in the corner ? Not on all posts of course ( I am strange I know , but not that strange ) but there are some posts that have this effect on me.

Tell me , do you ever feel like this ? Is it because I am just starting , or is it a sixth sense trying to tell me no , don’t post that , or is it me feeling it is not good enough , or is it just cold feet ?

Would love to know your feelings and thoughts about this , if you can spare a minute.

Turtle Hugs 🙂

7 thoughts on “Doubts about sending our words out into the big wide world

  1. oh i feel like that about everything… not just hitting publish… so you are fine… just keep expressing your thoughts… I enjoy blogging.. and I know i take to long to proof reading before I hit that publish button.. but we’re ok… Keep on blogging!!!

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  2. I understand this. I have on several occasions stopped and thought first before clicking that ‘publish’ button. But I always remind myself why I started blogging and then I click that button. I have not regretted it. Good post, thanks! 🙂


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