Day Four – Identify your Audience

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

So , first I need to know who is my ideal audience member.

Ummm….I gnaw my pencil ( I really don’t and I am not using a pencil but maybe it would help ) . and I do have a doubt : do I gnaw at my  or gnaw my ??? (thank you dear English writers for any help you may give me here and everywhere else).

Still don’t know … who are you ?

Are you someone like me who likes a lot of different things , and who likes to read , and listen to music and sing and dance (preferably when no one is listening or watching) ?

Are you someone who is curious about the way people go about their daily lives in other parts of this world ?

Are you someone who dreams about starting a new sport or activity or maybe a craft and needs a bit of inspiration before you finally dive in ?

Are you someone who loves words and how they came to be and how they are used in other languages?

Are you someone who has put life a bit on hold , on the back burner , attending to others needs , but feels the time has come to take the plunge and start really living your own dreams ?

Are you someone who likes to help people do any of the above ?

Then maybe you are my audience !

As are (English writing help here please !)  all the wonderfully dear people who have been reading me , and liking and commenting on my posts and following this “attempt of a blog”.

All right,  now that we know who I might be writing for – piece of cake – I just have to write a post for you!

Ups ! What now ?

Okay then , please bear with me and let me take the easy way out will you ?

Let me write today’s post for “mom of several , stopped or never started her career outside , loved raising her children to become good people , chose to put up with or ignore not so nice behavior from the other half in order to be able to raise the aforementioned kids , and is wondering what is there now for her” :

Well dear,

You did an amazing job , and now you have an even more amazing one lined up for you.

You are going to educate yourself , talk with other people (even if only on line to start with) , begin to take better care of your health and your body (because you will need it in good working order to be able to enjoy all those sports and travel you have been dreaming about doing) , and you are going to read about other people that are on the same path as you , and above all you are going to truly believe in yourself and in your God (or whatever you choose to believe or not , in ) given strengths and capacities and really really love yourself 🙂  

And a special song for yourself as you are a Conqueror 

Turtle Hugs 🙂

Note : I do sincerely hope you can read this , don’t know how the colored text will work in different devices , and although I usually insert music from You Tube in my posts this is the first time from Spotify . 😉

3 thoughts on “Day Four – Identify your Audience

  1. Oh gosh. We are alike in so many ways about selecting who I’m writing to and for, and what I want to share. Sometimes I do believe my life is so mundane and boring, why should anyone want to read it? Other times I think I do put out some posts with value to others (not as often as I would like). But I do like to write and am determined to do so and hope for the best. Good luck.

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