Didn’t know housekeeping could be so fun

At least the one I’ve been doing around here is , and there is no dust which is a big plus 🙂

So things are a bit more tidy , managed to misplace only a few , learned some new tricks while doing it.

Can you my Dear Turtlies guess what happens now ?

We’re going into Blogging 101 , yes we are.

Around here we say : ” não há uma sem duas nem duas sem três ” which translated comes to – there is not one without two , neither two without three – a bit like third time is a charm  (is that how you say it in English?).

You see , when I started Blogging101 in August I became so flustered with the tech part and became so addicted to reading every other interesting blog that I came across in the Commons , that I started falling back on my assignments. Adding to that , life got in the way as it usually does when we have these very well laid out plans , and I did not finish the course.

So I enrolled for September again but added Writing 101 to make things more interesting. And then Bum! big family crisis , I was away for two weeks and when I got back home there was a lot happening so Blogging University had to be neglected.

But because I feel there is so much I could learn with the support of Blogging 101 , I will be doing it again , starting yesterday 😉 . There is so much stuff that I still can’t understand and do 😦

It is possible than that you may see a bit more “housekeeping” activity around here but I will try to keep the floors dry and safe for you.

And just because this is my happy “hanging clothes out to dry” music (and hanging clothes is housekeeping and my crazy brain connects words to songs) here you go :

Turtle Hugs 🙂


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