Blogging 101 – Round 3 – Day One and Two

And here I am !

Let’s hope the third time is a charm and I don’t have any more crisis and surprises interfering with my plans to do Blogging 101 .

I started this blog on August 03 with Blogging 101 (Round 1) knowing nothing about blogs – except that I liked to read them – and barely knowing out to use this oldish laptop .

All I knew was that I wanted to learn and that one day I would like to have a real blog , inspired by those I loved to get myself lost into.

The very first days into Blogging 101 were amazing , and a bit scary too because although I knew I was very tech challenged it wasn’t until I actually had to do things that seemed very obvious and clear cut to everyone else that I realized how much I did not know.

The most basic stuff was new to me , so everything took ages to do because I was trying to figure it out and find my way around here. And the pull to just spend all time reading new blogs every day was very hard to resist.

But I got the blog going and was doing the assignments , got lovely fellow bloggers encouraging me and following me ( this totally blew my mind).Then because life has this way of surprising us at the most inconvenient moments I had to interrupt Blogging 101 but tried to keep posting every time I could.

So here we are 3 months into The Turtleway and I have learned so much and found such a welcoming and helpful community that I feel I must commit myself to another round of funny and valuable lessons if I want to make this a good blog like I dreamed it would be.

And yes I know I really need to learn how to write proper English.

I know I can do this.

And if by any chance there is anyone out there reading me and just starting and doubting you can do it , (but I doubt there is anyone in this day and age so computer inept as this Turtle) , know that it is possible.

So , slow and steady , 2 steps forward 1 backwards The Turtle Way.

And this why I am keeping my Title and Tagline.

Because I feel they represent so well who I am and how I approach life and the overall feeling of this blog : no rushing around here .

Turtle Hugs 🙂

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