CAUTION : Wet floor

Good Morning Dear Turtlies

As today is a Friday and it’s Fridays I’m in love , and I am becoming tired of being in a gray (not even blue , it is really gray this one) mood I decided , with the help of Otter sister ( who else to put up with me ) to engage in a bit of activity around here.

So beware of the slippery floors (not as slippery as my bathtub after my teenage daughter washes her hair there – can’t see the point of washing your hair and then pour half a bottle of conditioner on it , well a quarter I guess as the other quarter is for the bathtub – but girls will be girls ) as we will be going through a bit of housekeeping around here.

Things like widgets and posts might go disappearing while others might get misplaced for a while , at least that is what happened yesterday when I was trying to move things around.

This Turtle suffers from a severe case of “tech ineptitude”  so whatever is basic, intuitive or perfectly clear and accessible to most of you constitutes a big challenge for her. Nevertheless (looks like I am having word flu today) learning or trying to , is one of the things that gets her going and makes her happy , so let us see if a bit of mental work lifts her up from her funk.

Now that you have been duly warned , you may exercise your right to keep safely away or be brave and come along to cheer me up and help me 😉

Let’s get to work then.

Turtle Hugs 🙂

7 thoughts on “CAUTION : Wet floor

  1. Oh Turtle, now there are two of us. I still can’t figure out about widgets and how to insert Instagram picture in my blog no matter how I try. The best part… after almost a month, I just realised that I cannot find a way to change the font in my blog. We are special! 😛

    Love reading your blog!


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  2. I understand gray moods very well. I was in one all this past summer, and discovered that taking pictures helped — so for weeks I walked around my neighborhood taking at least one photo every day. Rearranging things seems like a good idea to me. Even if it doesn’t always go as planned!

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