Otter Sister takes over

Hi Hi dear Turtlies !

Oh my! late again? Otter here !

Uff! Glad crazy Turtle asked for help before going in too deep, which is usually what she does.

She goes around pretending everything is all right and only when she has sunk so deep she can barely breathe, does she let anyone help her.

So she summoned me and some music and we sung and danced a lot , and she ironed her stupid cotton sheets at the same time , which she was very happy with.

In my book, physical activity and upbeat music , a little joking around and the good feeling of having accomplished something that we must do but have been putting off for a while are some of the best anti depressants ever. If you can add some chocolate and some love , even better.

So after behaving like two crazed teenage girls for awhile , we had some tea. Can’t let Turtle have coffee on these days or she will go from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean Abyss up to the Kilimanjaro Mount in minutes and I tell you it can get a bit scary.

Afterwards the girl went for a good hot and cold shower – the girl needs  her water and we can’t get to the Ocean now – and yes she likes her water cold , always finishes her shower with a  blast of cold water and can swim for hours in the cold ocean.

My dear sister was back to herself by then (shock treatment I would say) and we had a real nice family dinner with the  leftovers from yesterday’s roast (stuffed with pine nuts, raisins and dates, and surrounded with small onions and pears). It had roasted potatoes yesterday but someone ate them all so today we had freshly made mashed potatoes and a salad. Sorry no pictures I’m just an otter not a photographer.

We have to feed this Turtle properly when she is down in the dumps (well she should remember to feed herself properly all the time 😦  ) You see the girl has been eating what she shouldn’t.

It was her birthday last week and she did spread the partying throughout several days so she could be with everyone dear to her. And even though she is over fifty years young she still shies away from saying no and hurting people’s feelings . So I am sure the Dumb girl had more gluten and dairy than she could possibly tolerate for some days and then she gets totally knocked out.

So it is not only the gray weather , there’s more to it. But we are already “taking the bull by the horns” as we say over here, and with my lovely shock therapy and gallons of water and moving about , my very dear and very dumb sister turtle will be good in no time.

Thank you dears 🙂

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