Nay Day Monday

Oh rainy gray Mondays !

Having a Nay Day today , I am !

Surfers have “lay days” when the sea is flat and they just hang around waiting for some wave – even a tiny rolling one would do – to ride.

And this Turtle is feeling like that today . It is Monday – never liked them somehow – it is gray and  there is a drizzle. If it has to rain at least let’s have some real wash everything away rain , not this wishy- washy stuff.

And I have not been able to catch a wave until now, nothing picks my interest , and believe me I have tried several strategies.

Just wrote this down, maybe getting it out of my system will help somehow,  and now I’m going to turn on my computer  and publish it just so, no editing no mulling over whether I should or not.

Then I am going to set my ironing table and attack a pile of sheets that have been lingering about for a while now. I will put a Robbie Williams’ concert video on so I can watch it – ironing cotton sheets is boring – and dance my fat turtle shell to it and sing as loudly as I can.

Doubt the funk mood will resist this treatment.

Luckily for my family I will indulge in this treatment in my basement so their ears and their eyes will be somewhat protected from the show.

Knowing myself and taking into consideration that it is already past 4 PM , good waves will start to show up on this beach around dinner time , so I will probably be surfing all night long 😉  Let’s see if Otter sister joins me and we will have a creative and productive night.

PS: Yes I realize this is profoundly shallow and selfish on my part , with all the suffering going around in the world and right beside our doors. This girl should not be complaining at all. But today I needed it , and tomorrow I will be the usual caring person I tend to be.

Big (even if a little lax today) Turtle Hugs

5 thoughts on “Nay Day Monday

  1. Thank you Jodi! And I must say that going through your blog might become one of my future strategies, as you can fill it with such good pictures and beautiful things and thoughtful feelings 🙂


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