When not writing

Writing 101 – Day 11 – Writing and Not Writing

What do you do when you are not writing ?

Well when I am not writing I am thinking about what I would like to write , what else could I be doing ?

You mean you don’t do this ? It’s only me?

As I go about my day doing what one has to do for a living – which for me now is really just being a stay-at-home mum of one, as the two older ones are already living on their own – my brain gets engaged in these dialogues and stories that I would like to put into writing one day.

I also do read , I try to read as much as I can and as I am not buying books I like to read your wonderful blogs (it is still reading right?).

Not being a native English speaker (is this the way to say it?) I feel that I need to read a lot in order to understand how you build your sentences, and to enrich my vocabulary if I want to be able to write in your beautiful language and do it justice.

What else do I do when I am not writing ?

I do like to walk, which I did not do much of in the Summer, as heat and me don’t go very well together, but I’m looking forward to resume it as soon as possible as walking is prime thinking time and for my plans for the future I really need to build up my physical strength.

In the winter I also like to knit, but I am still learning. I find knitting is one of those activities where your brain needs to be engaged because you are paying attention to counting and other details at the same time, and yet as it relies on a body repetitive motion it sets your mind in a kind of flow conducive to thinking (or mind writing).

Lately and because I can not sit still for too long while I am listening to these very informative summits and webinars on health issues that I have been finding for free on the web, I have taken to coloring books.

A while ago going through our basement trying to find more space , I came across these coloring books that the kids had not completely filled in , and I adopted them 😉 . You see I prefer the children’s coloring books to the ones that have been appearing lately for us “adults”.

And you might want to go and read Kristina @kristinavanhoose.com as she wrote about these books just a few days ago in her blog.

When not writing I also like to sleep and let my mind wander, and yes it does wander a lot I must confess 🙂

Me being me, music is almost never absent writing or not. I am either listening to it or singing to myself

PS: And this is me Turtling through Writing 101 Day 11.

Turtle Hugs  🙂

Come and talk to me , will you ?

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