A friendly cup of coffee

Come and have a cup of coffee with me .

But I must warn you of two facts in advance, so you’ll still have time to decline the invitation.

The first one is that I am usually a very shy person and I also don’t talk much. But sometimes my otter of a sister (you may have already met her here) likes to make her appearance and starts talking like there is no tomorrow.

The second is that around here we like to take our coffee very strong, and we drink it black made in “expresso” machines. We drink it in the morning, and in the middle of the morning, and after lunch , and mid or end of afternoon, and even after dinner. And probably that is why we have this habit of going to bed so late in the evening .

So, warnings aside :

unsplash.com By karl chor
unsplash.com By karl chor

if we were having coffee together I would take you to a nice coffee shop with amazing pastry (to counterbalance the bitterness of the coffee) where we could sit comfortably outside in the sun, and watch people go by .

if we were having coffee together I would ask you if you would like yours black, no sugar like I take it, or if you would prefer to add it to an almost full glass of hot milk, making it then what we call a “galão” to which you add sugar to your taste.

if we were having coffee together I would tell you how I like to watch people walk by and try to guess where they are going and why, and how sometimes I make this whole story in my head about their day. But then I would also have to tell you that as fast as these thoughts come into my mind they disappear from it twice as quickly (otherwise I might be a story writer).

if we were having coffee together I could ask you if this is also an affliction of yours and whether all these stories get to be written down or not.

By now and if the first coffee was really good, I would go for a second one and ask if you enjoyed yours or if you would prefer to have something else.

if we were having coffee together I would like to know what are your passions , like what really makes you tick. And if you would like to share what is that thing that you have been dreaming about doing for years I would love to know about it.

Then I might suggest we find another great place nearby to have lunch or dinner, because if we would start talking about my passions and dreams we would be in for a few hours of talking and laughing.

So, would you like to come and have a cup or several of good strong coffee with me ?

PS: As part of Writing 101 (Day 10) my way 😉

Turtle Hugs


9 thoughts on “A friendly cup of coffee

  1. If we were having coffee together I would take mine black as tar and with fake sugar (you know I’m deeply shallow). But..then we would have the best time by enjoying each other’s company with great conversation about everything and nothing at all, then we would realize we’ve spent hours talking and we would need to have a meal..and more coffee!!!!! XOXOXO! Thank you for the invite! I’m so glad we will have coffee together!

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