Clothes on the Line (or not)

from By Charles L.
from By Charles L.

Wednesday 02:45 PM  – Just did a washing.

This Turtle  is seriously  T   u   r   t   l   i   n   g     today when she should be catching up with her chores. As a matter of fact I did sleep in today and got up very very late, so late you couldn’t even call it morning any more.

If it would still be Summer these clothes would go right now up to the line and be dry by 5 or 6PM. As Autumn has finally arrived there is no way these clothes will get any drier outside at this hour.

The sun is shining and it is quite warm and pleasant outside today,  but not hot enough for drying clothes in two hours. Well now I will have an incentive to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow and not repeat today’s laziness. Maybe I will just make another load or two for the extra push.

But Turtle do you know there are such things as clothes dryers ? Yes I do and I have one of those but I prefer to only use it later in the season when it is raining days on end. Better for the environment, my purse and my mind (sun and fresh air work wonders for the “mental environment” too you know).

Hanging clothes outside to dry on the line is one of those chores that can put me in a good mood every time and best if done early in the morning . Catching the early rays of sun, a whiff of fresh air, the flow-promoting quality of the mindless job – even if you are a bit OCD like me, and must have every thing facing the same direction, and organized by size or color or whatever reason I can find to hang them just so  – just lets my mind wander and start thinking about all these posts I will write one day if I ever can put them in written form.

And so maybe after hanging my clothes tomorrow morning I will be able to write a better and more inspired post for you my dear Turtlies 😉

Turtle Hugs

(Anyway I did write today 🙂  🙂   )


4 thoughts on “Clothes on the Line (or not)

  1. Oh I do love the smell of laundry fresh from drying in the sunshine. Did you know that many Home Owners Associations in the United States have rules for their community that ban the hanging out of laundry to dry? And while living in North Carolina I once had a lady stop her car and knock on my door to tell me that a ‘proper lady does not hang out her ‘unmentionables’ on a clothesline for just any man to see.” She then handed me an armload of my laundry that she had deemed improper for display, wished me a good day, and went on her way.

    A great post. Thank you for sharing. 🐞

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    1. Oh! did she really ? and you managed not to laugh??
      Yes I am aware that in some places you’re not allowed to do it , which is kind of stupid because on the other hand you’re always being bombarded with save energy information 😦
      Thank You , you had me laughing 🙂

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  2. On the line!! I’ve put mine out today and love the smell of fresh bedding fresh from the line. It is blowing a small hooly out here today perfect drying weather, fingers crossed the rain doesn’t come back. I liked this post “…and must have every thing facing the same direction, and organized by size or color….” – made me chuckle 🙂

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