Help for Funk Moods by Joshua Hibbert by Joshua Hibbert

A while ago I came across a very good post titled How to Get Out of a Funk by Sincerely Hil.

This girl writes well and seems wise beyond her years and hers is one of the first blogs I followed while going through Blogging101 in August.

I commented on her post :

Very well said. What I think people have trouble with is remembering this good advice and suggestions when “in the funk” . As you have done such a good job of putting these together, maybe someday you could add on an unforgettable way to remember (wow that sounds strange) these when the funk shows up 😉 

And this has been on the back of my mind ever since, because a lot of us know what we should do when we are going “down” , but it is oh so difficult to remember these strategies – and hers are very good – when we are not feeling so well and all we want to do is to hide or sleep or whatever each one of us chooses to do while we wait and wish it just goes away.

And I thought that with all the apps being developed nowadays maybe someone could come up with something that would perceive when we start to go down and catch us. I have no idea how this would work but maybe the app could detect that we are interacting less with others or listening to a different kind of music or something like that. And then give us some feedback on this and display some of Hil’s Strategies or our own.. Would this be very difficult ? or a totally crazy idea ?

And then on Aug.30 dear Cathy who writes about her daughter Justine comes up with the news that one of her daughter’s friends came up with an app that might have helped save Justine’s life. And this app is way better than the one I was thinking about.

Please go read the article and share it if you can. Together we might help someone out there and bring them some light.

Thank you for reading this

Turtle Hugs 🙂

Part 2 of Writing101 Day 8 – Expand a Comment

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