Fall and Mood

from unsplash.com by Hannu Keski-Hakuni
from unsplash.com by Hannu Keski-Hakuni

Fall is finally arriving around here. Two days ago we were still enjoying very hot days – in the 82s – and sporting around in shorts and t-shirts. Mornings have been crisp and nights a little cooler but with the days so sunny and hot it still felt like Summer.

Today was hazy, the Sun was kind of pale and we are down in the 70s. When the night descended the wind started howling outside – lots of stuff bashing and banging outside in the garden, but it is 02:00Am now and I’m not going outside to check – and I can hear the plop of fat drops of rain falling. Tomorrow and the day after we are expecting rain and strong winds, so it is time to finally say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall.

Although I do like some aspects of the season (I was born in October, after all) I am always reluctant to welcome this transition as I always “Fall” into a funk by this time every year. Less sun, shorter days (it makes no sense as I like nights), something makes me feel very very unhappy around this time of year. And I am not alone on this.

Dear fellow blogger Jodi at Life in Between put it beautifully :

Why do I get a little knot in my stomach
when the days grow a bit shorter,
the air a bit crisper,
the breeze a bit lighter.

If you have not visited her blog yet please do yourself a favor and go like right now as she writes beautifully, and shares with us her drawings and photographs and some very yummy recipes and has a most amusing dog who writes some of her posts.

When Jodi wrote about this uneasy feeling about the approaching Autumn I let her know how this resonated with me, and how strange it was that we dread this season when we actually like a lot of the things that it brings.

But it seems a lot of us feel like this (so it is not only crazy me).

And I am glad most of you My Turtlies have already been through this like a month or more ago (this Turtle is always a bit – or a lot, in this case – behind everyone else, but this time I have the excuse of being in a place with a different climate right? )

So maybe you can tell me how you got through the uneasiness of approaching Fall 🙂

Would love to hear from you.

Turtle Hugs

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