There is an Alien in my laptop

And as soon as I sit down to write, this friendly (I prefer to find it friendly) Alien, captures all my thoughts before my fingers can put them into words for you to read.

You see, all day long as I go around doing what one has to do, I have this ideas jumping around my brain, making themselves into drafts for future posts I can’t wait to type down and publish.

Then, when I finally am able to start pouring them out they’re just not there, they just flew somewhere else.

So I think this friendly Alien is trying to protect me by stopping me from writing all these ideas down. Maybe he thinks I need to work them a bit more, or practice writing in English a little bit more or something.

But this is very frustrating as I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to writing, and my access to my laptop is limited and at odd hours.

Thank you Friendly Alien but you must let me write some, even if it is not good at all, so that I can learn and improve by practicing , does that make sense to you ?

Maybe I will have to ask for help from Kathy from Old Dog …in The Land of BLoZ  as she seems to know a lot about aliens.

Meanwhile I will just let my thoughts jump around happily in my brain, who knows maybe they will be able to untangle themselves one of these days 🙂 and become Alien approved.

Turtle Hugs


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