Me and Maps

Writing 101 – Day 4

Our prompt today is a photo :


I have this malfunction in my brain when trying to read maps.

To me the map needs always to be turned upside down, and then is when I feel it is representing the city I am in. I don’t know where this came from, or why I do it (well actually I suspect this might be an indication of how my brain works differently…) but I just have to do it.

And that is how I kept walking for miles in New York (on the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going), got into a big fight with a friend in London ( I was absolutely sure the museum was on our left ) , and again in Paris walked a bit more than I had to before finding my way…you could say I love to walk and this is just a strategy 😉

So, this is a warning…if you ever travel with me, don’t put the map in my hands 🙂

Turtle Hugs


4 thoughts on “Me and Maps

  1. My mother can’t understand why my sister and I have no sense of direction. I also have to turn the map so the street I am walking (or being driven) on is in front of me, with the direction of travel going upwards or away from me.


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