Where has this Turtle fled to ?

Dear Beautiful People that read me,

I’m just quickly logging in to let you know that this turtle still moves.

The last two weeks have been a bit strange with everything happening at the same time, barely giving me time to breathe.

Nothing happens for a long long time and then buumm every single little thing starts moving simultaneously, and then you don’t know what to attend to first ? Does this happen to you too ?

And starting tomorrow I will have a somewhat difficult week , doing something I do not want to do , do not know how to, and that will be physically, mental and emotionally very difficult for me. But I’m doing it , because I have to. And I will grow with it.

And on Monday some of us will have Writing 101 and I will also start Blogging 101 (yes, again. This Turtle needs to work on her blog a little more and preferably with some guidance 😉  )

So I’m wishing you all a very good weekend and a great week.

Turtle Hugs 🙂


Come and talk to me , will you ?

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