The Brotherhood of the World Award , the Turtle Way

Or, The trials and tribulations of an undecided Turtle 

A little while ago , eleven days now (11? already? how time flies when you are having fun) the beautifully courageous Rashmi who writes at Mind and Life Matters and touches on some important subjects very dear to me (please go and read her) very generously nominated this humble blog for “The Brotherhood of the World Award”.

I was so happy  to be nominated for my third award in two days that I have been dancing for a little while, but finally here is my response to it. Oh , this is so difficult ! Is that why I have been putting this off forever? and not exclusively because I have been dancing on the ceiling?

It’s just that I don’t like to nominate people, I don’t like to choose one over the other (yeah!decisions is tough work). Mind you, what I have put myself through , in order to be able to have a good list of blogs to nominate has been very pleasurable all along. But in my quest to find blogs that have not been yet nominated , and that are in their very first beginnings like mine , I have worked myself into a frenzy . Read so many blogs that now I am in “analysis paralysis” (or at least what I perceive of the concept).

So now that I have traveled and enjoyed reading through oh so many blogs,  I cannot at all decide which ones I should nominate without feeling that I have let down those that are not in my list.

You might say : but Turtle  just publish a list of all the great blogs that you enjoyed reading and get over your paralysis or whatever is keeping you from finishing the job.

But you see I can’t because there so many out there , it would look like the shopping list for school items for first graders (at least over here they have these crazy huge lists of every kind of materials that they must absolutely show up with on their first day of school, making their backpacks weigh more than half their weight. Crazy!).

But here I am getting off the subject (hoping I will not have to come to it ?), when what I should be really telling you is that I have come to the painful conclusion that as much as I think I am growing up (finally?) I still can not for the heart of me make decisions..

Really? Now Turtle we have been reading you all along this blah blah blah to find out who your nominees are and still nothing? Yes I am afraid that nothing is what I am giving you for a nominees list.

After much musing and bruising (of the poor few brain cells that I still have left) I think it might be better if I do a weekly feature where I will introduce you to some of the blogs that I considered for nomination. And thus putting my procrastination skills to work? but at the same time forcing me to do a scheduled weekly post .

Please tell me what you think about this.

Thank you

(end of part 1) …to be continued

(this Turtle rambles on…and on)


3 thoughts on “The Brotherhood of the World Award , the Turtle Way

  1. Turtle, I understand completely. Saying thanks? Of course., Answer questions? Of course. Ask questions? Of course. Nominate? Hold up right there! I hear the phone ringing – or something else terribly urgent. I’ll be back later. Weekly posts? You are brilliant.



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