Happy Saturday

It is a happy Saturday because well it is Saturday, and the sun is shining but it is not overly hot, and I am reading and reading and reading.

Everyday when I open my laptop (well, it is not really mine, my youngest daughter lent it to me so I could start myself on this incredible and very enjoyable journey on the blog world) the first thing I do is go through my e-mails to clear the list. And then my prize for a job well done is to go through all the notifications of posts of the blogs I am following and I read them .

Then I must visit everyone’s blogs mentioned by the ones I just read. And if I don’t have the time to go through them right then and there , I Bookmark them , or leave them open in my browser to come back to asap, or just scribble a quick post it.

As you all have been mentioning such great people , and nominating them in your Awards , I have quite a big list to go through. Being a little “OCD” (don’t tell anyone…this is just between me and you 😉 ) reading just one post from someone obviously doesn’t cut it for me. I have to read the linked post plus the About page – this reminds me that I still haven’t got mine done – plus a few other posts back , to get a feel for the person writing the blog.

Should I be working through the Blogging101 daily assignments , or following through with my Award Nominations (my apologies dearest Rashmi and Ananya ,  I have not forgotten you) , or working on this blog ? Sure, but you see I need to read before I can write , and I need to know you so I can nominate people , capisce ?

So I am looking forward to a great Saturday (and Sunday ? may I ? please ? ) travelling with you beautiful people 🙂

Enjoy your weekend the best you can wherever you are 🙂

Turtle Hugs ❤


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