I am trapped in this net that the one set for me. I let the net surround me, and for a long time I even welcomed it. In a strange way it made me feel somewhat secure and protected.

But the net has become too tight,  stifling my attempts to move. Every time I try to reach outside , the one pulls the strings a little tighter and it hurts.

This made me believe that the way to survive would be to just swim slowly ( remember, I am a sea turtle ) , just enough to be able to surface from time to time , just enough to be able to feed myself.

But this turtle knows there is a whole ocean beyond and that the time is coming for her to leave this supposedly protecting net. She learned that she can not trash around and pull at the strings or the one will tighten them even further.

So now she has this strategy : she is very softly and very slowly gnawing at the strings of the net. Just a tiny bit here and there until they become so weak they will no longer be able to hold her in. At the same time she is working at becoming stronger and wiser so she will no longer be in need of the so-called protection.

And one of these days she will be able to swim freely and go meet her brothers and sisters out there in the big wide ocean. 😉

Turtle Hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Nice analogy. I particularly like the feeling of security in the beginning when boundaries and structure are so important. I think that is a thing that is lacking in the modern “freedom, do as I please” attitude of youth culture. Much as one hates curfew, it is nice to come home to. Takes maturity to deal with the sharks in the wide, wide sea!

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