On Being Late

These last three weeks that I have been doing WordPress’s Blogging 101 University have been nothing else but extraordinary.

I personally went from dreaming of having a blog (while knowing absolutely nothing about how to do it, and being probably the most technologically challenged one participating in the course – well, I have to come first in something, right?) to actually being a blogger (ah!ah! you wish…). Well there is a blog, and you are reading it (so far) so am I a blogger or not?

I did learn a lot, and I mean a LOT, I still have issues with some of the most basic stuff but I know that I will get there eventually.

I have been falling behind on the daily assignments because almost all of them require us to read other blogs. And that is an incentive that I probably would do best without. You see the problem is I love to read, and every time I stumble upon a new blog that interests me ( and there is no shortage of interesting ones out there, and this even among the ones just starting out) I fall in and wan t to do nothing else but read.

And then time has this strange capacity of running faster when you are having fun, and suddenly I find that it is time to feed the family – oh my! why don’t they just read? why do they insist on eating food? – or go pick up the teenage daughter at the movies, or take the dogs for a walk , and guess what ? You have not even started working on your assignment.

So today, after a few days of feeling really stressed out about it, and somewhat guilty – because everyone else is producing awesome work  every day – I accepted that I must do this my way “the turtle way” and go slow. I learn best that way and I certainly do not need any more stress in my life right now.

So I will do what I can when I can to the best of my possibilities and I will still reach the finish line oh yes I will 😉

Turtle Hugs (and thank You for reading me) 🙂


17 thoughts on “On Being Late

  1. I also have a habit of clicking on links until, three hours after I get online to look up my bank balance, I find myself on a page about the history of Mayan pottery. Oops, that was supposed to be my writing time!

    But write at your own pace. There’s no rule that says a proper blog must have a post every day!

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  2. Awesome post. I can relate to your feelings of being overwhelmed. Like you, I am taking a step at a time, fumbling (or trudging, lol), and plugging on. Now I have a great community of fellow bloggers I can count on to support me. Don’t forget to sign up for Blogging 101, Alumni.

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      1. There is so much to learn and so much time to do it in. i see that you can still do the blogging101 after it closes as the posts are all available. So keep trudging away and we will all be here to read, help and support you. I signed up for blogging 201 to keep onward on the journey and not loose the momentum.

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