In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

That is what I get when I let this Otter of a little sister of mine start pulling me into what she wants to do. You see, as a turtle  I prefer to take it one step at a time carefully appreciating the going and measuring all the pros and cons of every step.

Uauh! stop right there Turtle :

– could this be why you almost never actually get to do anything ? measure and mull over and measure again, until the opportunity passes

– I don’t know , but if you give me a little time to think it over I might be able to answer, tomorrow?

The dear little Otter sister insisted with me , a while ago , to enroll in this Blogging101 course that WordPress would be running in July ( see the word -running- no not for me at all) so true to me I missed the enrollment date and won a whole month to think it over 🙂

And now it is August and here I am, having so much fun, “meeting” an unbelievable crowd of talented , creative and supportive people, and finally with a baby little blog of my own. These people have been my inspiring and supportive community for the last two weeks , and boy ! do they rock at both !

And why is this post titled Distracted ? Why ? I forgot right now ( sister has been trying to type at the same time as me and I got distracted , because that is one of the things she does to me).

Distracted has been my middle name since Friday , the beautiful day my lovely COMMUNITY started showering me with New Blogger Awards ( yes plural, like in Premio Dardo + Liebster Award + Brotherhood Award ) I have been running around doing this award challenge , well it is for me anyway.

Reading even more blogs than I had been doing and at the same time trying to figure out to paste and double-click and right-click and change sizes of badges and insert fellow bloggers URLs and ping-backs and why doesn’t the cursor go where I want it to and whatnot . Guess you could give me an award for using so many ands.

I get distracted when I want to go fast (though I Kind of like fast, sometimes) and do lots of new things at the same time, and so some of them did not come out as good as I wanted to , but I am learning a lot and having loads of fun.

This is my response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt “Community Service” where I thank my Community for the Beautiful Service they have been doing in welcoming this lazy turtle into the beautiful blog world.

Disclaimer : written in a hurry so I would not spend all day “thinking about trying to” 😉 , no editing or reviewing here it goes . 🙂

4 thoughts on “DIstracted

    1. Thank you Cathy!
      You know I was a bit afraid of hitting publish without editing. (Your language is so beautiful and I really don’t want to make bad mistakes) . This has been one of “those weeks” so not much time for writing, but I will try to pick up on the weekend and follow your advice and do it every day even if I don’t publish !
      Turtle Hugs and thank you for your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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