trudge (verb) if you trudge you walk with slow, heavy steps

That is what I have been doing these last few days.

Learning my way around this blogging world, figuring out the difference between tags and categories, pages and posts, and fighting with my menu who has a mind of its own, has been my trudging .

But my sea otter of a twin sister (who is actually the same as me , but lets just pretend we are not the same, it might be less confusing this way) has been playfully jumping from one blog to the other, visiting everyone and falling in love. When she finally gets home in the wee hours of the morning she can’t stop talking about people’s writing and photos and their layouts and themes and so on, sending my turtle brain on a spin.

And that is how this turtle arrived at the end of the second week in Blogging101 without publishing anything.

And now having just discovered that she was very surprisingly nominated to a “Premios Dardo Award”Β she will have to put a little more speed into this blog .

But before she is able to do a proper Premios Dardo Award nominee post, she has to send her otter of a sister on a tour to all the other nominees while she tries to choose among the lovely people she is reading who she shall nominate right ?

Lets go then ! As soon as I stop dancing like a fool , that is.

Disclaimer : anyone who has had the curiosity and patience to read me from the very first post knows that I am not an English native or writer , so if you find big mistakes in my posts let me know, I am here to learn πŸ™‚

The Sea Sisters Β 

11 thoughts on “Trudging

  1. Well, it is encouraging to know that I am not alone in figuring out the way to move around in the blogging world. There is so much I wish to write about, so it is good to know that the technical issues can be worked out. Good luck to you:)


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