Lost girl on blogoland

I think this might be my new name.

Fifth day on Blogging101 University and it has been so much fun for me.

Well loads of fun visiting other peoples’ blogs, reading the new assignments every day and thinking about how I am going to do them.

The fun stops then. Definitely my mind is wired in a very different (and special , I’m special that’s all, no problem!) way and what is apparently clear, self explanatory and logical to everyone else is not for me.

But I will get it, I know I will,  someday….:)

Meanwhile I’ll keep messing up ,and asking for help, which I have been receiving loads of.

Thank you all


9 thoughts on “Lost girl on blogoland

  1. Hey, you don’t need to be an expert at blogging to enjoy it. There are no awards to be won – only new friends to be made. So smile and do what you can – because that’s what everyone’s doing. Blogging is mostly a diversion – a hobby…don’t take it too seriously.


  2. I did all this on another blog by trial and error and I did fine. Now my goal is to attract more followers so I’m on a different level. Don’t be afraid to just experiment. If you find yourself lost then ask in the Commons. Someone will help.


  3. Learning by doing is the best way and mistakes are ok……..I have found it won’t break anything, it is not a race. I’m going through blogging 101 for the second time to learn slower and hopefully catch more this time around! Happy blogging see you around


    1. Thank you Sarah.
      My problem is exactly the fear I have of breaking something. My younger daughter keeps telling to just click the button and try, everything is retrievable in this tech world , but yesterday i made a big mess with my incipient blog, which didn’t help with the tiny bit of confidence that I was starting to feel. Starting over today. Thank you for your comment, peeked quickly into your blog, will read you.


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