Sea turtle or sea otter ?

I guess I’m more like…both.

Ah! Decisions, decisions are after all one of my biggest challenges.

Water is my element for sure, but air might be it too. See the trend?

Fresh clean cold air blowing in from the sea, or a bit warmish coming in from far away lands when we are feeling just a bit too cold.

Calm blue seas, or a bit more green and wild with a beautiful white foam on top?

My heart wavers (might this word actually come from waves?).
Oh my! late again?


5 thoughts on “Sea turtle or sea otter ?

  1. I don’t see why you can’t be a sea otter on some days and a turtle on the others. I love the picture of the otter. Otters are always good for a bit of entertainment. Keep writing. You don’t have to do it as fast as blogging 101 wants you to. Just write. Good luck, M


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